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Super Tiny Micro SD Card Reader

Super Tiny Micro SD Card Reader

Micro SD Card Reader

By Evan Ackerman

The Super Tiny Micro SD Card Reader is super tiny, and reads micro SD cards. It’s also, uh, silvery and comes with a little keychain hook and lanyard for 11 bucks. Who cares? I do, because I think it’s one of the most useful portable flash drives I’ve come across. Flash drives are a dime a dozen nowadays (probably more like a nickel a dozen for 32mb versions), but this one has a few distinguishing advantages: Firstly, it’s expandable. You pay for it once, and as flash memory capacities go up and prices go down, you can replace the micro SD card with something bigger and cheaper. Secondly, as a reader, it allows you to easily switch one (or more) micro SD card(s) around between your cell phone, digital camera, mp3 player, computer, etc. And lastly, it really is super tiny.

The only reason I’m going to keep using my [less expensive ripoff of a] Sony Micro Vault flash drive instead is that it’s flat enough to fit in my wallet, which the Super Tiny (lamentably) is not.

Again, it’s $11.

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