You obviously don’t use your Android smartphone when you’re sleeping, so why not let scientists who are working to find a cure for AIDS use it instead?

FightAIDS@Home is a project that calls for the involvement of citizens all over the world. Scientists who are trying to find more efficient drugs that can be used to treat HIV need a supercomputer, which will cost them $1,000 an hour. Funding isn’t exactly unlimited, which is why the researchers found an alternative: making use of the computing power of thousands of devices that aren’t being used–because their owners are sleeping.

Apparently, they can do this if the person’s smartphone is almost fully-charged, connected via WiFi, and is plugged in. The project is made possible by using the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (or BOINC) app.

Check this link out if you want to help! Who knew people could one day help save the lives of others in their sleep?

VIA [ Dvice ]