Sushi Bazooka

Despite its name, the Sushi Bazooka isn’t something that’s meant to be used during food fights. No, it’s actually a pretty nifty tool that you can use to make the perfect sushi. And if you still want to chuck it across the room when you’re done stuffing your preferred ingredients into it, then that’s up to you.

Seeing as sushi originated from Japan, it only makes sense that the Sushi Bazooka was thought up by the Japanese, too. If you’ve ever tried rolling up your own sushi, then you’ll know that there’s a technique involved so you can put it together just right. But fret not, because the Bazooka is here to the rescue. It’s actually like a giant-sized frosting pump, where you’re supposed to put in your favorite fillings on the inside and rice on the outside chamber. When you’re ready, just push the entire thing onto a sheet of seaweed and roll to enjoy the perfect sushi.

The Sushi Bazooka is available from Strapya World for 2,000 yen (~$25).

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