Swingline's Stack-and-Shred (Image courtesy Swingline)
By Andrew Liszewski

When the Feds are knocking on your door with search warrants, the last thing you want to be doing is feverishly feeding incriminating documents into a paper shredder one sheet at a time. But Swingline, best known for their iconic staplers, has totally got your back with their new Stack-and-Shred office toy.

While it can be operated like your normal cross-cut shredder by feeding pages in one at a time (credit cards too) lifting the lid reveals a compartment that can accept up to 100 pages at once, including staples and paperclips, so you can save yourself the tedium of hand feeding. Now I doubt it’s able to just rip through all 100 sheets in one go, it probably just takes over the feeding duties for you, but it still seems like a useful timesaver. Available now at various online retailers for ~$200-$250.

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