Swoop (Images courtesy Pet Pro Ltd.)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are lots of great reasons to own a dog but even I’ll admit that having to deal with their ‘business’ is unpleasant at best. A shovel works great when you’re in the backyard but they’re not so convenient when out on a walk, and that’s why the Swoop was created. It’s billed as man’s ‘second best friend’ and if you have a particularly large dog (or smaller bear) as a pet you’ll appreciate its design.

It looks kind of like a flashlight but pulling back the top portion reveals a set of claws that open to grab and scoop the animal’s ‘business’ in a single action. It includes a set of baggies that cover the claws, preventing them from getting messed up in the process and also provides a convenient way to transport the materials until you can find a garbage can to dispose of them.

The Swoop is available on the Pet Pro website for about $40 and includes 26 of the special baggies. You can also buy an additional set of 160 baggies for about $45.

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