Tackle Frozen Windshields With The Wiper Fluid Heater


By David Ponce

Yet another item in our winter related series, the Heated Windshield Washer Fluid System promises to make windshield scraping a thing of the past. If you’re like us, when it’s really cold, you just sit in your frozen car with the wipers stupidly and noisily going back and forth over a thick layer of ice, which you’ve sprayed multiple times with your useless blue wiper fluid. Of course the fluid doesn’t do anything, it’s just as cold as the ice on the windshield but you’re too lazy to get out. So you wait. But if you had this system, in 30 seconds the fluid would be heated to 143º F and 150º F, quickly melting all that ice away and allowing you to remain lazy. It draws 2 Amps of power on average and turns itself off when the car is off. Also in the summer months, warm washer fluid will do a better job of removing insects and grime, so the $90 you’ll spend to get this will work year round.

[ Hammacher Schlemmer ]


  1. No kidding!  This idea obviously thought up by someone who lives in a tropical climate.  Anyone who lives in the winter areas, you NEVER throw HOT/WARM water on a frozen windshield.

  2. This unit produces enough hot fluid to melt ice, but will never crack glass. This unit is not like throwing a bucket of hot water.