By David Ponce

Tired of getting your ass handed to you by foul-mouthed prepubescents in online gaming? Put some odds on your side by getting what is undeniably a better gaming setup than a console controller: a mouse and keyboard. The grandiosely named Tactical Assault Commander 3 (or TAC 3) from Hori plugs right into your PS3 and replaces the controller with what you see in the picture. Aside from the obvious and immediate advantages, the TAC 3 has some unique features. The mouse sensitivity can be adjusted on the fly allowing for a quicker movement radius, or a more delicate one depending on your preference at any given time. There’s also a quick response button on the mouse. When held down, the left and right movements of the mouse become extra sensitive allowing for quick toggling and turning around when necessary (within game limits). Finally the keyboard has a dedicated walk button with adjustable speed and interchangeable keys.

The TAC 3 is released on October 24th, the same date that Battlefield 3 hits the shelves. It’s $100 and comes in black or the pictured camo. A small price to pay for your dignity.

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