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KaradaScan Check HBF-357, Scale/Body Composition Monitor

Let me start by saying I hate all alphabet soup product names. That, however, is not the point.

This is a wonderful scale from Japanese company Omron Healthcare that, aside from telling you how fat you are, also tells you how much of that is skeletal muscle, body fat and visceral fat. On top of that, you get info about basal metabolism, BMI (body mass index), visceral fat rate, and body age.

That’s a whole lot of information gathered through the soles of your feet and I’m sure the science behind it is fascinating. It’ll be even more fascinating for someone that cares a little more than me. What matters, to little ignoramus me, is that it’s actually affordable, at about $90 if you don’t count the ticket to Japan and it comes out three days ago, on July 5th.

Check out the website here. Story VIA Medgadget.

Volcano, Smokeless Pot Vaporizer Thing

volcanoOk, so, yeah, some people really have their panties all up in a bunch about this medicinal marijuana stuff. Up here in Canada, it’s all peaches and cream, but it seems some of our southern neighbours are less than pleased with out European progressive ways. Oh well, I say. Nevertheless, Danish company Storz & Bickel is doing a good job of adding an iota of legitimacy to the whole business.

By heating cannabis to a point where vapors are formed but before the herb combusts, a vaporizer creates a clear substance that, advocates say, is practically free of many of the toxins found in marijuana smoke.

Becoming smoke-free, they hope, will make marijuana more palatable as a medicine to federal officials, scientists and regulators who are dubious about the health value of a smoked drug.

The way the device works is really neat. You fill the cone thing up with, uh, herbs. You then place this two foot long bag on top. It fills up with flavoring and active ingredients. You then place the bag on your lips, and have a nice and fuzzy chat with Jeevus.

It’s about 600$, and you can get it here. Check out the website again. Story VIA Medgadget.

VelaSmooth, Cellulite Away

Got them little skin ripples, eh? Wanna have silky smooth instead, huh? That’s fine then. Forego foolish exercise and pesky dieting altogether, and just start looking for places that will treat you with the new FDA approved VelaSmooth, from company Syneron.

Zap/melt away the fat, or as the website says, “re-contour” your thighs. Here’s how it works.

What makes the VelaSmooth so different from other devices on the market is the combination of IR and RF with mechanical manipulation – the combined heat energy that is delivered to the skin goes that much deeper so fat is mobilized and allows for deposition of new collagen, and therefore, a smoother skin surface is affected. The VelaSmooth, in addition to reducing thigh circumference and improving the skin surface irregularities, actually helps to re-contour the areas and gives an improved appearance to the cellulite in general. Patients don’t lose weight – but look like they have lost weight because the whole area has been re-contoured.

Hmm… Sounds exciting. The press release is here The story VIA Medgadget.

Glucoband Takes the Sting out of Glucose Monitoring

glucobandIt used to be that being Diabetic was synonymous with pricking your finger for blood on a regular basis. Not being Diabetic myself, I can totally understand the relief and glee that a device such as the Glucoband from company Calisto Medical may generate in hordes of sufferers.

It’s a simple multi-purpose watchlike device that happens to be able to determine your blood-sugar level without drawing any blood, using a bio-electromagnetic resonance phenomenon.

It is, incidentally, also an actual watch. Price is nowhere to be seen on the website. Story VIA Medgadget.

PowerBreathe, Dumbbells for Your Lungs

It looks like a bronchodilator, but it isn’t. Bronchodilators, incidentally, are what you call those pumps people suffering from asthma use. This product from company Gaiam Ltd, instead,

is a unique, simple-to-use, drug free product designed to help maximise sports performance, improve fitness and reduce breathlessness.

Just as you might use weights to strengthen your arm muscles, breathing in through POWERbreathe for a few minutes twice daily, makes your inspiratory muscles work harder – thereby increasing their strength and endurance.

So, um, I figured this could come in handy to… well, pretty much to anybody who spends a little too much time in front of a computer, reading blogs and getting a little rotund in the process. (wink wink)

The product page is here and it apparently goes for around £49.95 at sports shops all over. Story VIA The Cool Hunter.

Splash Goggles, A Swimmers’ Companion

Seems there’s a little niche somewhere out there for gadgets for swimmers. After the SwiMP3, now come the Splash Goggles, from Brunel Design.

Splash’ projects the lap count and time directly in the line of sight. This causes no interruption to the stroke so that technique and stamina can be developed to maximum effect.

Now I only wish they would apply some better design to their website. That way, maybe I could find their product in there, and maybe tell you people how much it costs. As it is, I don’t know.

So here’s the link again, so maybe you can find something. Story VIA Medgadget.

Plush Microbes

bacteriaDon’t know whether to think of this as an educational tool, or what. Don’t even know what it is about these that makes them so attractive. Trying really hard though, I suppose I’ve always wanted to own my own teddy microbe. I’ve really always wanted to know what Orthomyoxvirus (the flu virus) looks like, blown up a million times. Or maybe, it’s that I’ve always secretly wanted to spend a night hugging Streptococcus pyogenes (the flesh eating bacteria). It’s comforting, in a therapeutic, get-to-know-your-foes sort of way.

Each 5-7 inch plush microbe comes with an instructional card that includes an actual picture of the microbe along with information about the microbe in its natural environment. I think it’s brilliant. And at 6$ a pop, I think we should all have one.

From Thinkgeek.

Powerseed, eating metronome

powerseedOk, the skinny on this, is that it’s a gadget that pretty much tells you when to eat, so you don’t overindulge.

The fatty (sorry…) is this:

While eating, activate your coach and place it at inconspicuous location on your table. Every thirty seconds the Powerseed silently flashes a small green light (or it can beep softly if you prefer).

At each signal take a bite. Savor it slowly and mindfully. Focusing your attention in this way imparts a new sense of control over the eating process, enhances the filling effect of the food and improves digestion. This also gives you the mental space to detect and act on your body’s fullness signals. Many find it a great way to slow their rapid eating.

PowerseedEvery five minutes the Powerseed flashes a different signal as a reminder to evaluate your level of hunger or food satisfaction. When you detect the first twinge of satisfaction, you simply quit eating. Most likely this will be well before the point where you normally quit. Fifteen minutes later you’ll find that you feel totally content. This single strategy can help you avoid consuming hundreds of “mindless” calories every day. Portion control has never been easier!

Now the question is… if you get to the point where you believe you need something like this, how likely is it that you won’t just throw this 50$ product right out the window after three of four irritating beeps?

Nevertheless, it looks like some sort of alien monolith, and to that I tip my hat.

The webpage VIA Medgadget.

Aesthera Photopneumatic (PPx)™ will remove skin blemishes

ppx_systemIt’s nice to see that even the medical world is aesthetically conscious when designing their mighty wizard’s tools. Aesthetically conscious of course is not necessarily synonymous with aesthetically pleasing, as this particular gadget looks like the amputated head of a futuristic cosmonaut. Nevertheless, the things it promises to do are quite impressive.

See, the company says that it’s “the first no pain and safer light based therapy to treat sun damaged and aging skin, including brown spots, redness and broken capillaries, as well as unwanted hair and unsightly veins.”

It’s already been approved by the FDA. I imagine living with skin blemishes can be quite distressing, and this is good news for any sufferers.

Read more at the website. Link VIA Medgadget.