Got them little skin ripples, eh? Wanna have silky smooth instead, huh? That’s fine then. Forego foolish exercise and pesky dieting altogether, and just start looking for places that will treat you with the new FDA approved VelaSmooth, from company Syneron.

Zap/melt away the fat, or as the website says, “re-contour” your thighs. Here’s how it works.

What makes the VelaSmooth so different from other devices on the market is the combination of IR and RF with mechanical manipulation – the combined heat energy that is delivered to the skin goes that much deeper so fat is mobilized and allows for deposition of new collagen, and therefore, a smoother skin surface is affected. The VelaSmooth, in addition to reducing thigh circumference and improving the skin surface irregularities, actually helps to re-contour the areas and gives an improved appearance to the cellulite in general. Patients don’t lose weight – but look like they have lost weight because the whole area has been re-contoured.

Hmm… Sounds exciting. The press release is here The story VIA Medgadget.