By Eric Evdosin

Do you have a dog or cat that likes to stray away from the yard and you are always trying to find them? The Tagg Pet Tracker combines GPS and wireless technology to make keeping tabs on your pet simple. You use the GPS to help build a defined “safe zone” for your pets. Whenever they stray outside of this area you are quickly notified by text and/or email.

The Tagg Pet Tracker is tied into the Verizon data network giving you coverage in most parts of the country. This powerful combination of GPS and wireless communications takes away the fear of losing a pet and allows you to walk directly to where they are playing their game of pet hide-and-seek. The Tagg Pet Tracker retails for $199.95 and includes a full year of service.

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  1. Shortly after receiving one my Girlfriend found out that it doesn’t, in fact have an Iphone App, or work with Safari Mobile. Support should be in place by next month (Nov) but we were a bit miffed considering their commercials and website show the Iphone being used, and the website claims there is already an Iphone app.