Takara Tomy’s New Pedometer For Your Four Legged Friend

Takara Tomy Dog Pedometer (Images courtesy Newlaunches)

Takara Tomy Dog Pedometer (Images courtesy Newlaunches)
By Andrew Liszewski

Unless you own one of those little spazz dogs that never stops running around and yapping, your four legged friend needs as much exercise as you do to stay in shape. And to make sure they’re getting that exercise, Takara Tomy has come out with a pedometer created specifically for dogs. It was designed under the supervision and advisement of vets and dog trainers and is able to monitor movement in four legs instead of just two. It’s also got a small sensor that can differentiate between walking, and when the animal is just shaking or moving its head.

The small LCD display provides feedback on your dog’s physical activities via a set of thirty-two different icons like sleeping, running or eating, and since they’re designed to wear the pedometer all day, it also doubles as a digital dog tag. Now I’m not sure where online you can buy one, but if you find a place you can expect it to run about $55.

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