By David Ponce

We’d like to inform you guys that our longtime partner Energizer is sponsoring a contest for anyone that likes to take pictures with Instagram. After its acquisition by Facebook, the Instagram ranks swelled from 30 million users to 50 million, so there’s a good chance some of you are part of that group. You get to potentially win $2,000 in cold hard cash, a Nikon S6300 camera and some lithium batteries. Even if you don’t win, the next 9 runners-up still get a camera, while the next 99 will get a set of batteries. Here’s how it works:

1) It’s open to legal US residents, 18 and over, only.
2) You have to visit this Facebook page and enter the contest.
3) You can submit your pictures there and starting June 4th, people can vote for the best submissions.
4) Voting is allowed once per day on up to 5 photos.

Detailed instructions are available on that Facebook page, so if you want your chance at a cool two large, a camera and some batteries, hit the link below.

[ Energizer Instagram Facebook Contest Page ]