By Chris Scott Barr

I miss playing my old NES games sometimes. I’ve still got a drawer full of gems like Zelda, Micro Machines, Metroid and Contra. I’ve been tempted to pony up the cash for one of those devices that’ll play both SNES and NES games, but here is another to vie for my hard-earned cash.

The Retro Mini X Handheld NES System not only lets you play your old NES games, but it lets you do it on the go. Just pop in 4xAA batteries and you’re good to go with a 2.5-inch screen. You’ll also get a couple of wireless controllers that look strangely like those of an SNES. The X and Y buttons are labeled AA and BB, so I’m guessing that’s your turbo fire or something. There’s also a zapper, but you’ll need to hook the system up to an old CRT monitor if you want to use it. An power adapter is included for those times that you want to hook it up to a big TV and re-live the glory days of console gaming. $50 and this awesome retro handheld can be yours.

[ ThinkGeek ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]