talus watchesBy David Ponce

Being punctual is not your idea of cool. You feel that the entire notion of “time” is The Man’s evil plot for putting shackles on your free spirit But, well, your spirit is not quite free enough to do away with time altogether. There’s good news, friend. They’ve made two watches for you.

Not quite made, mind you, as they’re currently in the process of being manufactured. Nevertheless, The Talus Watches are an interesting concept. This is the way they work. The first watch, called “AboutTime”, gives you an approximation of the time. “Going on quarter past one”, “almost six”, “a bit past three”, etc. Perfect if you want to take life a little more easy.

Then, there’s the “Timeline” watch, in which you’re only shown the hour, and not the minutes. Then, the numeral will slowly make it’s way from the bottom the the watch’s face, to the top. The minutes are thus expressed as a proportion of the distance traveled. In other words, if the number 2 is halfway up, you know it’s 2:30.

Also, if you’re rigid like that, you can set it to display the exact time. You can figure out how that works.

I hope.

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