Tascam CD-VT2 (Image courtesy Tascam)
By Andrew Liszewski

Tascam has just updated their CD-VT1 Portable Vocal Trainer with the VT2 model that benefits from a new ‘ultra-compact’ design and a much improved LCD display. The CD-VT2 is kind of like a really advanced portable CD player that’s specifically designed for musicians and singers who are trying to learn a particular song. To help them out the CD-VT2 has a Variable Speed Audition (or VSA) pitch control function which can be used for slowing down or speeding up a song without affecting the key.

The CD-VT2 can also be used as a vocal or instrument canceler allowing you to tune out a particular singer or instrument in the mix based on a specific frequency range. It’s not always 100% foolproof but can be a lot easier than trying to track down a different mix of a song.

The Tascam CD-VT2 is currently available for pre-order from Musician’s Friend for $149.99.

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