TATO Commuter Bike Includes A Convenient Place To Store Your Briefcase

TATO Commuter Bike (Image courtesy TATO)

TATO Commuter Bike (Image courtesy TATO)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s not nearly enough storage space to make this bike useful for an extended road trip, but commuters who are tired of getting to work with a sweaty back thanks to a backpack, or are simply embarrassed about having a basket on their handlebars, should appreciate its design. Integrated into the frame of the bike is a storage compartment that’s perfectly sized for a briefcase, messenger bag or even a laptop bag since it provides considerable more protection than a pannier hanging off the side. And because the compartment is centered in the middle of the bike it also doesn’t hinder your balance when riding, even when fully loaded. It’s available from TATO directly for just over $1,500. (CHF 1,599)

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  1. You'd think that for $1500 a “commuter” bike would include fender/splash guards (and possibly a chain guard). A non-sweaty back isn't much good if the rest of you is covered in road-spray.