CycloDS iEvolution Cart (Image courtesy Team Cyclops)
By Andrew Liszewski

While Nintendo does what it can to hinder ‘homebrew’ solutions from running on their various consoles and gaming platforms, eventually their measures are compromised. The most recent success comes from Team Cyclops, who were responsible for the most excellent CycloDS Evolution for the DS and DSLite. Of course those carts don’t work on the latest version of the DS, the DSi, but the team’s upcoming CycloDS iEvolution will, with an important advantage over its competitors.

The DSi’s countermeasures were circumvented a while ago, but only while the DSi was in ‘DSL’ mode, meaning its new tricks like the cameras and SD card slot were inaccessible to homebrew applications. But Team Cyclops’ new card works in ‘DSi’ mode which means that developers will finally have the ability to access those features. The new cart isn’t available to the public just yet, but the team is encouraging legitimate homebrew developers to contact them for a free iEVO cart to help in its development.

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