Swan Teasmade, The Clock and Tea Maker (Image courtesy MenKind)
By Andrew Liszewski

I won’t even keep a glass of water on my bedside table for fear of it accidentally getting spilled during the night, so the idea of having a boiling pot of water a foot away from my bed in the morning kind of scares me. Even if you really enjoy tea for breakfast, is this bedside Teasmade alarm clock really worth the risk? Like timer equipped coffee makers, the Teasmade will brew about 600ml of tea in a small ceramic pot just prior to the alarm going off (as long as you remember to fill it with water and tea bags the night before) so you always wake up to a fresh pot. But unlike timer equipped coffee makers, which are designed to be used in the kitchen, this thing has the potential to do some serious morning harm if you’re not the type to wake up with all of your senses intact.

It’s available from MenKind for about $88 (£59.99) and if you have to have one, please use it responsibly, as third degree burns are no way to start your day.

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