Jumbo Single Digit Clock (Image courtesy Ramsey Electronics)By Andrew Liszewski

I strongly believe that form should always follow function but with this single-digit digital clock it’s apparent that form has decided to run off on its own. So without the watchful eye of function keeping things under control we’re left with a clock that you must sit and stare at in order to figure out what time it is. I’m sure some will think the big red 7-segment display that shows one number after another to indicate the current time is unique, or an eye-catcher or maybe even rebellious, but I’m sure the novelty will wear off pretty quickly.

The other downside is that this clock is only available as a kit meaning you have to assemble and wire it up yourself. Given how simple this is it’s like buying an unassembled hula-hoop. (You know, for kids.) On the upside though if you’re in the middle of a long period of procrastination checking the time will actually take a bit longer than usual which can only help out your situation.

The Jumbo Single Digit Clock Kit is currently available from Ramsey Electronics for $21.95.

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  1. I think that you’re supposed to get more than one, judging by the notches and corresponding tabs on the other side, and slot them together.