Tetris & Pong Forever

By Luke Anderson

Do you get bored while riding the bus, standing in line, or just about anywhere that requires you to wait for short (or long) periods? I’m easily bored, so I keep my Nintendo DS on me almost all the time, however, if I’ve only got a couple minutes to kill, I don’t usually bother getting it out. Now if I had a watch that let me play Tetris or Pong, I’d be set.

That’s exactly what this Tetris & Pong Forever watch promises. It doesn’t appear to be much larger than the calculator watches that you used to see in the 80’s and 90’s. The simple d-pad is all you need to play the games. Unfortunately, it’s only a concept design for now. This is something I’d definitely buy, so here’s to hoping it is actually created one day!

VIA [Yanko Design]