The AirBow Kicks Bow Hunting Up A Few Notches


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We’ll leave the debate about whether hunting at all is cool for another day. The fact remains that many people do hunt, and many choose to do it with crossbows or even plain old bow and arrows. That’s cool, we can see the appeal, although it’s a little too old-fanised for our tastes. Now, without going to the world of firearms, the Pioneer AirBow by Crosman does seem to let you crank up your arrow game a few levels. Powered by 3,000psi of compressed air, the weapon is able to shoot 8 arrows at 450fps in the time it would take a regular bow to fire off 3, and they’re all consistent thanks to a pressure regulator. You can refill the compressed air canister with a High Pressure Hand Pump or a 4500 PSI Charging System. And the entire setup will cost you $849.

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