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The Alarm Grenade

By David Ponce

It’s relatively old. It’s being blogged everywhere. I’m a lazy bum, and you have every right to sue me. Go ahead. Make my day.

That being said, for those of you who haven’t seen this yet, it’s simply an alarm grenade. If you have someone in your household that simply refuses to get up and unglue themselves from their bed, you have found a new friend.

Remove the pin, toss into the room of the recalcitrant sleeper and wait a few seconds until it bursts into a loud noise. To stop it, the sleeper has to first find it, and then re-insert the pin.

Of course, by then, the pin could be in the kitchen, by the person’s breakfast.

Peacefully waking up members of your household will only set you back £9.99, which is 40 delicious bananas this side of the pond.

Buy it here. Story VIA TRFJ.