By David Ponce

We’ll assume that you’re the variety of reader that owns a car. If that’s the case, you’ve probably tried at some point to wash the thing yourself. This inevitably leads to the hose getting stuck underneath a tire, and you having to actually walk for a couple of feet to dislodge it.

Avoid yourself the loss of three extra calories by purchasing the $13 Hose Catcher from Griot’s Garage. Just stick it under a tire, as per the picture and off you go. It comes in sets of four.

Here. Story VIA BookOfJoe.


  1. So… isn’t it more annoying having to go and put those behind the tires and then having to remove them again… i’d just end up driving over them.
    I however have the perfect solution. It’s patented… just so you guys dont steal it.
    TWO hoses. One for the right side of your car and one for the left, cleverly marked with R & L on each of them.
    We will also be selling a new version in a few months which will enable both right handed and left handed people to use them.