archport sandalsBy David Ponce

The last place you want to stash your cash and keys, when at the beach, is in your pockets. Why? Well, it looks somewhat funny (think wet shorts, unsightly bulge), but more importantly, isn’t quite as cool as putting the stuff in your sandals. The folks at ArchPort, aside from having a really annoying talking website, also make and market the ArchPort shoes and sandals. These feature a handy compartment in the arch of the shoe. But, the good folks at Thrillist describe them so much better than I ever could:

Each holds a fitted wallet-esque insert, while leaving enough room to accommodate keys or other small items. For safety, the cavities are secured with snap locks, plus Velcro covers that seal out sand, debris, and the ashes of murdered lifeguards.

They’ll set you back a moderate $45.

[ArchPort Sandals] VIA [Thrillist]