A fair number of professionals agree that it’s beneficial for your kids’ development to play with you in a physical manner. Roughhousing, doing flips, horsing around, and generally being a cute little monkey is apparently good for them. What better way to do this than to give them the ability to climb you like a Jungle Gym? Created by Atsushi Shiraishi, a graduating senior at Tama Art University, the AthleTitti is a special harness that lets young children climb around and hang off you in an easier manner. The name itself is portmanteau of the words athletic and chichi (or titti), which is Japanese for father, and we think it’s a great idea. Sure, you’re giving away some dignity in the process, but when it comes to raising and loving your children, that should be the least of your concerns.

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be available commercially, since it was a part of Apsushi’s graduating thesis. Still, we imagine given enough interest, it could fairly easily be made.



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  1. I’m not a father, but I AM an uncle, and I assure you, my nieces and nephews have never needed any sort of harness to use me as a jungle gym. Honestly, I appear to be a jungle gym no matter WHAT sort of thing I’m wearing, although we HAVE been able to teach ’em not to climb on me when I’m wearing a suit.