The Baby Boom Watch Tells You When You’re Ovulating


fertility watchBy David Ponce

We’ve said it before, and likely we’ll say it again: a gadget’s primary mission in life is to do for you what you could very well do for yourself, but would rather not have to. One of these pesky things many people would rather not have to do, is think. Or count. And, graciously enough, the Baby Boom watch, from Laks allows you to not do either, at least when trying to figure out your fertility cycle.

So, yeah, this one’s for you, ladies.

The watch will keep track of your cycle for you, and tell you when you’re ovulating, so you can grab your man and make him do what it is you married him for. And, once his little soldiers have successfully invaded your fort, you can even refrain from having to count down the 40 weeks it’s supposed to take for your spanking new little monster to see the light of day: the watch does it for you.

Sadly, the craptacular looks of the watch will likely prevent many a woman from putting this anywhere near their wrists. Nevertheless, there you have it. It’s 90 euros.

[Baby Boom Watch] VIA [Ubergizmo]