Come on, be honest. How many times have you heard “The airplane is landing…”, sung to the same mindnumbing tune, around little kids? Of course, there never was a plane, and perhaps you’ve lived in fear of the day when all the children would realize they had been duped all along, and rise up in a bloodthirsty revolutionary coup.

You can now help save the bloodshed with the Babyplane, designed by Nicolas Trub for Stilic Force. It’s a spoon with an actual (toy) plane attached. For $14 you can finally give some meaning to that jingle, and maybe even cram a little more apple puree into baby.

Get it here. Story VIA Popgadget.


  1. Who Likes a Babyplane? Yes you do!

    No, it’s not a mini Cessna for little Polly to fly side-by-side with you but a set of wings that attaches to a spoon. While it does nothing for your children’s budding imagination, the ham-fisted obviousness of the image allows…