Digital innovations in the field of tape measures have been sort of rare, but Bagel Labs is taking care of that with their release of the Bagel Tape. It’s a bit of a misnomer since there’s no actual tape to speak of, but it is a measuring device that packs a few features never seen elsewhere. It works on three modes: String, Wheel, and Remote Mode. On the first, you simply pull the measuring string out and the digital display will tell you exactly how far out it’s been extended. On Wheel mode, you hold the Bagel Tape with one hand and roll it on a surface to get its length. And finally, on Remote More, an ultrasonic sensor will bounce off walls and tell you how far away they are. All measurements can be sent to your smartphone, and annotated with a voice memo. So that way you don’t have to write anything down, and you’ll easily remember which measurement is for what. It’s nifty, and it’s decently priced at $60.

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