BBVA Redesigned ATMs (Images courtesy IDEO)
By Andrew Liszewski

Spain’s BBVA bank decided it was about time that ATMs got a much needed facelift, so back in 2007 they started working with design firm IDEO to redesign their ATMs from the ground up. Gone are the often confusing combination of buttons and LCDs which are now replaced with a large touch-screen display. And instead of multiple slots for receipts, deposits and cash, the ATM’s now feature a single all-in-one slot.

I also like the simple fact that these new ATMs are installed at a 90 degree angle to the wall providing more privacy. Far more clever than my bank’s addition of rear-view mirrors on their instant tellers. The best feature though is the ATM’s slick new UI which includes animations for every transaction as well as a customized display for each user, keeping track of their most oft-used functions and making them easily accessible from the ‘home’ screen. It will be a while before all of the bank’s ATMs get replaced with the new units, but it’s certainly something to look forward to, and maybe even a reason to switch banks.

[ BBVA – The Future of Self-Service Banking ] VIA [ designboom ]