By Andrew Sineni bikeprotector

The designers over at Fuse hit on something. As an avid biker who lives in a fairly large urban area, I understand the woes of bicycle dings. I see people all of the time with rags wrapped around their bikes in order to prevent such nonsense. I certainly like the way Fuse is thinking with the BikeBark, a zip-up protective rubber sleeve specifically designed to prevent your bike’s paint from getting scratched. My only problem with their solution is that it may not be easily configurable to different locking positions. If it were only secured with something other than a zipper so it could be wrapped into smaller settings…

The other thing that is needed for maximum bicycle pleasure would be some ultra lightweight Texas grade animal horns that easily mount to the cycle’s handle bar. This is precisely what I need to teach that smug little 8-year-old brat who continues walking slow to his bus stop. He’ll certainly think twice about slowing me down next time.

Check out Fuse here.