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The BOND Bike Is Worthy Of 007

By Chris Scott Barr

There are a lot of bike riders in the city where I reside. So many, that most of the main roads have special bike lanes for them to ride in. Thus, I see a lot of bikes in my daily life. For the most part they all look sort of the same, with nothing to really make one stand out from the rest. Sure, some are road bikes and others are mountain bikes, but those are the only real differences you see. So what does one have to do to really turn heads? You need to get this BOND bike.

While the name will inspire images of 007, it’s actually an acronym for Built of Notorious Deterrents (however, it likely isn’t a coincidence). It was designed after polling 800 cyclists about their least favorite parts of riding a bike. Thus, a flamethrower was added to keep cars from edging you off the road, an ejector seat to keep thieves from stealing your ride and a ski blade and an all-terrain caterpillar track on the rear wheel to get you through any environment.

This truly does seem like the most awesome bike on the road. Unforutnately, you’re not going to be able to purchase it. Something tells me you’d land in a bit of hot water with that flamethrower anyway. It was simply built as an art piece to raise awareness about cyclists.

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