The Coolest CES Gadget I Didn’t See


By David Ponce

CES is a big place. Much too big for my feet to canvas in it’s its entirety, so above is a video of a Samsung device. It’s a video I should have taken, because damn it, it’s pretty awesome. It’s a transparent smart window. It looks, to use the overused analogy, like it’s straight out of Minority Report. Not only is it a one-way window (you can only see out, not the other way around), but it’s touchscreen and very interactive. As you can see in the video, you can use it to check on many things, like the quintessential Twitter and Facebook. And you can also draw blinds, selecting just how much outside light gets through.

It’s a fun video to watch and it’s catching on because, well, there’s a cute girl talking about cool tech. But I can totally see this being the future, replacing our boring old perv-friendly windows of today. But as most cool prototypey tech, there’s no price or availability. Although the girl says “coming months”… That could be, like, years!

VIA [ Teh Intertubes ]


  1. It is a fun video! I would love to have one of these in my house! It’s too bad this is far from affordable and will not be available for private use any time soon. There was one other thing introduced at CES that I am a big fan of though. It’s the Hopper from my employer, DISH. The Hopper can record many things at once as well as store over 250 hours of HD content. The best thing about it though is that users can access and manage DVR content from any room. I just hope they don’t wait too long to release this.