By David Ponce

The day will come when cables, like floppy disks, become a relic of history. Until then we need to deal with them, and the CordCrunchers is yet another product making a stab at it, albeit a very creative one. It’s basically a set of earphones with an elastic sleeve for the cables, one end of which always remains within it. To insert the other end of cable into the sleeve, you just grab it at both ends and stretch it until you’ve got as much of the cable as you want inside. It then collapses right back to its original length, allowing you to wear your earphones around your neck or wrist, if that’s your thing. You can watch the video for a demonstration that does a much better job at explaining things than us.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to use this on your own earphones, so you’ll have to deal with whatever quality drivers are packaged in. At $20 however, you’re not going to be out of much money if it turns out they sound like garbage. It’s a fully funded Kickstarter project, and shipping should happen sometime in May.

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