By David Ponce

Hrmph… I’m not a big fan of animated GIFs. They hurt the eyes. This one though, illustrates the product quite well. Company Endlesspools is selling the, um, well, the Endless Pool.

As you might surmise, it’s a treadmill for swimmers. You start swimming, and the water comes at you, making it seem like you’re going forward. It measures only 8ft by 15 ft and the components are designed to be able to fit through any doorway, so you can presumably install this inside your home.

The Endless Pool propulsion unit can move a huge amount of water — up to 5,000 gallons a minute — through two grills that straighten and smooth the water’s flow. The result is a river-like current that is totally adjustable in speed from a gentle flow to a racer’s pace by simply turning a knob.

A bunch more details on how this works.

Price? Well, it’s complicated. It’s starts out at $19,000. With that, you can swim. There seems to be a truckload of options though, so um, well, I guess if you wanted a really pimped out pool, you’d have to pay quite a bit more than that. In any case, check out the site right here. It’s very informative and all that.

Thanks Nathir!

Update: Let’s clarify some things. While we do try to feature mostly new products, we don’t let ourselves be tied by that chain. Some things that are old to some, are probably new to many. That being said, thanks to Joe for letting us know that the Endless pool is as old as time itself.


  1. Wow… I found this site a few weeks ago and thought that they push new stuff. I have had the Endless Pool DVD (free) for like over 2 years now!
    Not a new product.