Ever feel like time just flew by? Like, the whole day just passed you by and you have no idea where the hours went! The Durr watch is a curious investigation into our perceptions of time, and it does this by simply vibrating once every 5 minutes. It doesn’t do anything else. It specifically doesn’t tell you time. Instead, what you get is a haptic rhythm by which you’ll be able to get a new perspective on the passage of time.

Time perception is our subjective understanding of how fast time passes. Our ability to accurately estimate durations depend on a range of factors. With Durr you become aware of how your brain alters the length of a bus ride, how fast you finish a beer, how time flies by when you enjoy yourself, and drags along when you wait in line at the post office.

Aside from becoming better acquainted with the workings of your inner mind, there isn’t much utility to the Durr Watch. But it’s an interesting concept nonetheless. At $120 a piece, it’s not outrageously priced, although you’ll have to get in line for the 2nd batch, since the first run of 50 has already sold out.


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