Sony Data Tiles

By David Ponce

Round these parts, we’re very fond of overly dramatic and impossibly clich?d hyperboles. Things like “The future is now!” or “Move over George Jetson!” or even “Think different.” Yet, if there ever was a time to whip out the big and cheezy rhetorical guns, the new Sony Data Tiles would warrant it.

See, it seems like the good thinking folk at the Interaction Laboratory of Sony Computer Science, led by Jun Rekimoto are re-inventing the way we interact with a computer. They’ve created a system that uses specially tagged, transparent tiles that display interactive and dynamic graphical information when placed on a sensor-enhanced display. What does that mean?

In Jun Rekimoto ‘s words:

?I am interested in designing a new human computer interaction style for highly portable computers, that will be situation-aware and assistance-oriented rather than command oriented.?

What does that mean? Well, it’s kind of hard to put into words. That’s why you simply have to come inside and watch the video. Suffice it to say, this sort of work, if it ever takes off, may very well revolutionize human-computer interaction for good.

I mean it.

Now, before you start cancelling your subscriptions and demanding a refund, we’re aware that this has been around for a while. But heck, it’s the first I hear of it, and I think some of y’all might not have seen it.

[Sony Data Tiles] VIA [TechEBlog]