Motocross Maniacs (Images courtesy Wikipedia & Chronic Games)
By Andrew Liszewski

Not only was the Game Boy the first true game console I ever owned, but it was also the first big purchase I had to ‘save up’ for as a kid. And to ensure that I didn’t spend the first few weeks only playing the included copy of Tetris, I made sure to budget a few extra dollars so I could also pick up one of the Game Boy’s original launch titles. This ended up being Konami’s Motocross Maniacs and in hindsight I’m still pretty happy with the decision, since the game is one of my favorite Game Boy titles to this day. Because it was one of the first third-party games available for the new system, the graphics and gameplay in Motocross Maniacs were pretty simple, but the game was still extremely challenging and addictive.

Motocross Maniacs (Images courtesy Wikipedia & Chronic Games)

Motocross Maniacs is basically a 2D sidescroller, but instead of running around and shooting at enemies, you’re riding a dirt bike through a series of jumps, loops and other physics-defying obstacles. And all the while you’re racing the clock trying to complete the course in the allotted time. (Harder difficulty settings simply meant less time on the clock.) The courses were also packed full of different power-ups including the all important nitro ‘N’ block which provided you with a burst of speed that was actually necessary to make it across certain jumps later in the game. And like I said, while Motocross Maniacs might have been a simple game in concept, I can remember it being quite difficult at times. But it’s amazing how you’re able to overcome the urge to frustratingly whip your Game Boy against the wall when it represents months of your own hard-earned money.

[ Wikipedia – Motocross Maniacs ]


  1. Amen. This was by far my favorite game on the Game Boy. I can remember saving for the game, and one night after dinner at local mall’s cafeteria, the family made a special trip to Babbage’s so I could buy it! Good times, good times…

  2. Uh-oh, I missed the loop, now I have to drive slowly on the sand, try to hop over the rocks and hope I can get on the loops for the next lap. Otherwise a good game, especially when you coult get infinate nitros and blast over the entire course.

  3. If I ever got around to buying a Game Boy again, it’d be for LSDJ & nanoloop, not games – but I think I’d have to chase down a copy of this game purely for nostalgia.

    The Game Boy was my first experience with video games (apart from what I played on an old Mac Plus) – I would’ve played hundreds of different games thanks to rentals and the fact that just about everyone I knew had a decent collection of games – but Motorcross Maniacs definitely sticks in my head as the one I had the most fun with.

    They should do an HD remake for the XBLM/PSN sorta like Pacman C.E.