By WonderBoy

There are just far too many times that I’m lost in the jungle with my ninja spies and we’re all bitchin about missing the big game on the tube. Norsat seems to have an answer to that conundrum: an ultra-portable ultra-spy-guy satellite dish called the GLOBETrekker.

Personally I prefer the name “Super Spy Dish” or the “Deep Dish Spy Satellite”, but anywho. This is an all-in-one package with puzzle like pieces for the dish and weatherized electronics for the times Hans shakes up the beer ‘by accident’. This dish can be setup in the most remote spots with little to no fiddling thanks to its smart electronics. Data transmission of up to four megabits per second is supported, which is more than enough for watching the big game and blasting off a few super secret spy emails.

It also includes enough electronic features to make the Roomba “ooh” and “ahh” with lust: GPS, compass, modem, ethernet, motorized feed assembly, motorized azimuth/elevation, a carbon fiber antenna, and a DC-DC converter so I plug in that wide screen 15-inch monitor from my car. You won’t find any of these features on the 18-inch dish on your porch. What’s more this spy dish can be: dropped, parachuted, dip, ducked, camoed, backpacked, and darn near tarred and feather and it will still work.

By now you’ve guessed the modest folk at Norstat make these things for men with no last names who think
business casual includes commando boots and you’d be right. If your tongue is wagging like Pavlov’s pups,
don’t fret, you can stop by Norsat’s booth in London at the DSEi show in the Excel Centre Booth 1145 and
ask them about this cool dish yourself. If you have trouble finding them it’s the booth full of ‘men in
black’. They don’t list a price but I’m betting it will cost more than my super squirrel spy hat.

Story VIA Gizmag.