By David Ponce

Given that it’s alcohol related, I suppose it’s perfectly understandable that this company’s entire marketing schtick relies heavily on the proximity of scantily clad women.

I’m not complaining. It’s also somewhat funny that the product is remotely phallic in appearance. But whatever, I digress.

The Gray Kangooroo Filtration System is just a simple filter with the dedicated purpose of turning your filthy $10 bottle of barely refined potato distillate (aka Vodka) into a fine, poison free party juice. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just know that what makes the difference between good liquor and bad liquor (among other things) is how properly filtered it is. You have to remove many of the distillation by-products, like methanol, fusel oil and other unpleasant tasting solvent compounds. Otherwise, you have yourself a cheap intoxicator that is also a hangover waiting to happen.

The Gray Kangooroo costs $30 and the filter replacements go for $13, which should last you for about 50 liters each.

How is this different from a Brita filter? Well, I’m not sure. But, was brita featured in Penthouse, Maxim and Stuff?

[Gray Kangooroo] VIA [Uncrate]


  1. Or just get a Brita water filter pitcher. Takes several passes, but I understand that the carbon filteration really does slightly improve rotgut hooch. Just don’t count on it turning Smirnoff into Absolut…

  2. We beat both Smirnoff and Absolut with rail vodka. You’ve never used the kangaroo, check it out, it’s guaranteed if you’re skeptical. Sorry for the plug folks but we kick the shit out of the brands he mentioned, I’m hammered, I had to say something.