GREATech muVAC Artillery Shell Tube Amp

By Josh Ray

Those in the audio world know tube amplification is some of the best amplification around. Those little glass bulbs provide the juice to power your speakers. Tubes existed before transistors, powering everything from classic radios to all kinds of other bizarre electronics. Today, those same tubes find their way into top exotic audio components.

In the case of the GREATech muVAC integrated amplifier, the tubes were previously used in WWII “smart” artillery shells. Seriously. In WWII, the shells would only explode in the presence of metal. They’d sit in the ground until a tank or milk truck came close and then send up the fireworks. GREATech is a German company so, yeah, I’m not sure if these are Allied or Axis goods…

Of course, since WWII was a few years ago, supplies are limited. At 950 euros, The muVAC is a collectors item and, if you do want one, know that it doesn’t provide much power — 1 whole watt. Buy one from the GREATech site and visit SonicFlare for more info.

[GREATech] VIA [SonicFlare]