By David Ponce

You’re musically inclined and you got some mad ninja skills. You also happen to think exoskeletons make a mad fashion statement. So, the GypsyMIDI motion controller is a match made in heaven. Imagine yourself gyrating in multiple directions, with arms flailing about, and their motion translated into “music”.

The suit is modeled on the human skeletal form using rotational sensors placed on the joints. The GypsyMIDI simply plugs into a MIDI interface and arm movements are converted into a real-time stream of MIDI data. The mapping interface eXo-software allows the user to define how the movements are translated into MIDI control, including the ability to trigger notes, generate continuous control commands or even play scales.

So how much for this lovely creation? Well, one arm is $850. And of course, you can’t really do anything with just one arm. So, for the whole setup, which includes both arms, the software and the wireless interface… you’re looking at, eh, $2,200.

[GypsyMIDI Motion Capture MIDI Controller] VIA [Xataka]