By David Ponce

Bluetooth 4 is pretty cool for number of reasons. One of these is the low power consumption that allows gadgets like The Hone above to stay functional for up to 6 months without needing a charge. It’s a keychain that pairs with your iPhone 4S and iPad 3 (the only iOS devices that support Bluetooth 4, by the way) and makes it easier to locate your lost keys. With a range of roughly 150 ft., simply launching the application will let you do two things. For one, a press of a button will make it emit a sound. But if that’s not enough to find it (if it’s not within ear shot), you can also play a game of “colder” or “warmer” by using the signal’s perceived strength, until you’ve located The Hone and your keys. Or whatever else you’ve chosen to attach it to.

It’s currently on Kickstarter and well on its way to achieving its funding goal. If you pledge $49, you could expect to get yours by October of this year.

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