The Hover Creeper


hover creeperBy David Ponce

Anyone who works with cars for a living (or even for fun) will appreciate the Hover Creeper from Davison International. For those of you who don’t know, a creeper is a board with wheels that mechanics use to wheel themselves under cars. The team at Davison International asked themselves: “How can we improve on the creeper?” And the answer suddenly was obvious: make it hover.

Most mechanics already have compressed air in the shop. So the Hover Creeper plugs into the compressed air, and starts floating.

Once underneath, the mechanic can hit a lever, let the creeper fall to the ground and have stable leverage for more torque, something he couldn’t do before. Oh, and the mechanic can still use the compressed air; he just plugs the tools into an air outlet on the creeper. When navigating over the hectic landscape of the garage, he simply floats over cracks, bolts, washers and other debris that would have stopped a wheeled creeper in its tracks. Plus, a tool caddy is built into the creeper body.

We’re not sure how much it costs, but unless it’s astronomic, it sounds like a cool tool for any repair shop to get. The only downside we see is that it would probably get quite noisy from the air rushing out from under, though it’s not like a shop is Serenity Central to start with.

Oh and yeah, why don’t you come inside for a little video of the Hover Creeper in action?

[The Hover Creeper]


  1. And how would that work Mike? How would rubber bladders filled with air and don’t release any of that pressure cause the freaking thing to levitate?

    If that was the case it should be called “irritatingly misleading non-hover creeper”