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The IceJacket, Doesn’t Just Look Cool


By David Ponce

Now this, people, is something we’d pay a pretty penny (well, not too pretty) to own. It’s called the Ice Jacket, and it’s a simple device that allows you to encase your liquor bottles in a jacket made of, well, ice. If you have to ask why such a thing is cool, then you and us are on different wavelengths, baby.

It’s easy to use. From the site:

Place the bottle on the Base, slip on the Sleeve and close the three cam locks. Fill the assembly with warm water, plug, and place in freezer (any position will do). Remove frozen amalgamation from freezer, allow to stand 20 minutes; Run briefly under warm water, release the cam locks and remove the Sleeve in order to reveal your bottle encased in ice, featuring themes limited only by your imagination.

What’s more, because the liquor within the bottle has been chilled to below 20 degrees F. it keeps the ice surrounding the bottle insulated from within: in approximately a 70 degree F. room with low humidity, the ice encasing the bottle melts into its own drip tray at a rate of about an ounce an hour.

Sadly, a quick look around the site revealed nothing about price. Anyone with more info out there?


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