By David Ponce

Now this, people, is something we’d pay a pretty penny (well, not too pretty) to own. It’s called the Ice Jacket, and it’s a simple device that allows you to encase your liquor bottles in a jacket made of, well, ice. If you have to ask why such a thing is cool, then you and us are on different wavelengths, baby.

It’s easy to use. From the site:

Place the bottle on the Base, slip on the Sleeve and close the three cam locks. Fill the assembly with warm water, plug, and place in freezer (any position will do). Remove frozen amalgamation from freezer, allow to stand 20 minutes; Run briefly under warm water, release the cam locks and remove the Sleeve in order to reveal your bottle encased in ice, featuring themes limited only by your imagination.

What’s more, because the liquor within the bottle has been chilled to below 20 degrees F. it keeps the ice surrounding the bottle insulated from within: in approximately a 70 degree F. room with low humidity, the ice encasing the bottle melts into its own drip tray at a rate of about an ounce an hour.

Sadly, a quick look around the site revealed nothing about price. Anyone with more info out there?


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  1. David;

    The OhGizmo posting is right on the mark and I appreciate it: Not quite sure how you reproduced the graphics, but I am glad you did. And concerning price, here it is from the definitive source. The Ice Jacket is an injection molded product made of very durable and impact-resistant HDPE. The assembly consists of a removable Sleeve (with three equidistant clips attached to the outside diameter), a Base which remains attached to the frozen assembly, a Lifter/Riser that elevates short bottles (Absolut, Tanqueray, etc.), a Tray that serves to elevate the frozen assembly (and collect the negligible run off), a Plug that fits into the fill point in the Base, and finally a Neck Ring Seal that fits within the Sleeve and serves to position the bottle, and importantly prevents water from traveling up the bottle’s neck during the freezing process. All this can be your for a mere US$35.00 or so. The Ice Jacket has been patent within the US and UK, and will be available for delivery by January 1, 2007. We are working our asses off to have it available by Christmas, and will certainly be ready to take orders, but may not be in a position to promise delivery by December 22.

    I?ll keep you up to date and wanted to express my appreciation for the great posting. For more on the Ice Jacket and the unbelievable ice sculptures the process creates, make sure to check back at the Ice Jacket URL or reach me direct at [email protected]. And finally, to address that pesky question posed by ?doubtful? ? no; in hundreds of freezings, the pressure of the ice forming around the bottle has never broken the bottle, so chin up. No need to worry.

  2. Thanks for the extra info Davis! If I could make a suggestion, I’d ask for a detachable handle that snaps onto the base and loops around the bottle neck. The FAQ’s suggestion of holding it by the base one-handed or base and neck with two hands doesn’t sound all that helpful.

    If I were to guess, I’d say that they took a screen capture of your Shockwave animation, then resized the image.

  3. Uma Capa De Gelo Para Sua Bebida…

    Este ? o ?Ice Jacket?, um aparelho simples que permite que voc? envolva uma garrafa de bebida em um jaqueta de gelo. ? s? colocar a garrafa na base, cobri-la com a tampa e encher de ?gua, depois ?……

  4. I wonder why you can’t just do this with an empty 2 liter bottle with the top cut off?
    1. Cut top off of 2 liter.
    2. hold vodka next to 2 liter, mark bottom of bottle with marker on 2 liter.
    3. Fill 2 liter to about 1″ of mark with water.
    4. Freeze 2 liter.
    5. Remove from freezer, insert vodka bottle.
    6. Fill 2 liter 3/4 with water, freeze entire.

    There you go. One ice encased vodka. Optionally remove the 2 liter casing and wrap with a towel for easy handling.

  5. The IceJacket, Doesnt Just Look Cool…

    Now this, people, is something wed pay a pretty penny (well, not too pretty) to own. Its called the Ice Jacket, and its a simple device that allows you to encase your liquor bottles in a jacket made of, well, ice. If you have to ask why such a thing is…

  6. Folks, thanks for the comments about the Ice Jacket. I’m glad to see it has gotten people thinking about the possibilities this creative venue offers.

    But let me say that the nay sayers will always have an objection to offer. Farker, the advantage of the Ice Jacket is that is provides a sealed environment for encasing your bottle in ice. You can lay an Ice Jacket down in the freezer, you can tip them, stack them; whatever you need to do. The bottle remains centered within the assembly and the neck-ring seal prevents water from escaping. It is simple. What happens when someone tips the open ended 2 ltr bottle within your freezer?

    There are lots of points to make about the fun, convenience, and ease of use associated with the Ice Jacket. But no product is a match for everyone. However, if you entertain at home, if you want to customize a centerpiece, if you keep a bottle in your freezer, if you want to have a little fun, the Ice Jacket is for you.