off roaderBy Wesley Dores

This is like “Pimp My Ride”… only to impress the 8 yr old girl next door!

Driving the gasoline-powered Junior Off-Roader is a perfect way to acquire early experience at the wheel. It features an all-weather fiberglass body with a protective frame, rack-and-pinion steering, dual hydraulic disk brakes, a manual emergency brake, rubber tires, and full front and rear suspension. The vehicle comes equipped with a a three-speed transmission, and tops out at 30 mph. It also has a removable, fully functional radio and tape deck, and speakers on the side doors.

With these kind of specs I am not sure whether you need a licence or not and 30mph in the hands of a kid can result in, well, some sort of trouble I suppose. If you can afford one of these babies though, then driving around your own private racetrack in Beverly Hills is probably not an issue.

It’ll fetch $16,000 at my favorite store in the world: FAO Schwartz.