By David Ponce

In the what are kids huffing today segment, we have news of electronic cigarettes that aren’t cigarettes at all. So instead of packing nicotine along with some flavor meant to make addiction slightly more tasty, the Vaportrim inhalers shoot dessert flavors into your nose and mouth. No nicotine. They market themselves as dieting aids, and in reality are probably the exact opposite. Because everyone knows that smelling and tasting raspberry cheesecake when you’re hungry will just want to make you not eat anything at all, right?

Vaportrim is used to replace your craving of sweets and junk food. Research has shown that 70 to 75% of what you taste is smell. As you inhale, smell and taste receptors send messages to your brain which release hormones that tell your body it’s full

Yeah… sure… that’s what’s gonna happen. Anyway, these work much in the same way that electronic cigarettes work: they vaporize a glycerin solution that contains the fragrances and the only byproduct is allegedly water vapor. They are $10 each and if you hit the break, you’ll see a graph with all the flavors along with links. Highlights? Milk Chocolate and Maple Pancakes.

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