Lite Cylinder (Image courtesy The Lite Cylinder Co.)By Andrew Liszewski

Summer’s officially in full swing and with it comes weekend after weekend of barbecues. If you’re a charcoal man this probably won’t interest you but if propane is your fuel of choice you’ll definitely appreciate this. There are a lot of different methods to determine just how much fuel is left in your tank, but what’s easier than simply looking inside?

Of course with a traditional metal propane tank this is impossible, but the material used in this composite cylinder is transparent enough to allow you to clearly see how much propane is remaining. And besides being see-through these composite cylinders are 30% lighter than steel, corrosion-free and are available in a variety of colors.

The Lite Cylinders from The Lite Cylinder Company should be available from select retailers for about $85-$95.

[The Lite Cylinder] VIA [Popular Science]


  1. Or… a full propane tank should weigh about 37 pounds and an empty one about 18. You can use a bathroom scale and a little arithmetic to figure out how full the tank is.