The LouseBuster Blows Lice Out Of Your Head


lousebusterBy David Ponce

There’s nothing more fun than a roomful of kids with heads covered in heaps of delicious lice. Yeah, and now there’s an even more entertaining way to rid them kids of the parasites: airblow the crap out of them. That’s right: a device called the “LouseBuster”, invented by one Dale Clayton, blows warm air over the kids heads for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, essentially drying out the bugs and their eggs. The volume of air displaced by the device is twice that of a regular hair dryer, though the air temperature is lower. A study conducted by the University of Utah determined that in 169 children in the Salt Lake area, the LouseBuster killed 80 percent of hatched lice and 98 percent of eggs.

Enough bugs were killed to prevent remaining lice from breeding so “virtually all subjects were cured of head lice when examined one week following treatment with the LouseBuster,” the scientists wrote.

Clayton hopes that once it hits production, the device might sell for under $2,000, perhaps even under $1,000. Larada Sciences, which is going to bring the device to market expects it to be ready within two years.

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