The Tech Industry is a very diverse industry and its varied sectors have an impact on just about every aspect of our modern lives. From our communications to recreation, phones, computers, social media; in fact, just about any facet of modern life that you can make is underpinned by creativity and innovation from tech firms.

In the beginning, technology fields were the sole remain of self-professed nerds and what they were doing appeared to the rest of the world to be essentially magic. It is of little surprise then that the technology industry has set itself apart from other industries in a number of ways, including its approach to marketing products and services. Below are some of the now ubiquitous marketing techniques that, for one reason or another, we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the tech industry.

Viral Marketing
There is much debate as to when the first viral marketing campaign was launched and it is probably fair to say that what we now call vital marketing has always existed in some form. It took the modern technology industry to unleash its full potential, however.

Viral marketing campaigns come in different forms but there are two main variations on the idea. The first is the type of viral marketing campaign that doesn’t reveal itself to be such until the very end. The goal of these campaigns is to utilize mystery and word of mouth buzz to entice a large number of people into following the campaign. They then only realize they are involved in a marketing campaign at the end. The other type of viral marketing is one where fans of a company or product will usually realize that they are taking part in a viral marketing campaign, but because the campaign encourages interaction with other fans and media, it is treated by consumers more like a game. Viral marketing campaigns are effective and, dare we say it, infectious.

Novelty Business Cards
There is some debate as to where this trend began, but now big tech companies such as Apple and Google have a reputation for their unique business cards. Senior staff at Apple famously have business cards printed on iPhone screens, while Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has a solid steel business card, which he is proud to use to cut steak on flights. While companies like Got Print offer business cards which are aesthetically appealing, with a little imagination you can turn them into something even more special.

Augmented Reality
With virtual reality becoming, well, a reality, let us not forget its younger brother. Augmented reality offers virtual reality elements overlaid on the real world either through special glasses or, in some cases, through our cell phones. The technology is in its infancy but its scope as a marketing tool is huge; soon, by just looking at a product, you will see reviews and other information that might sell it to you.

As one of the most creatively demanding and innovative fields in the world, it is no wonder that big names in tech engage in some of the most memorable and effective marketing strategies ever seen.