We’re not sure why a company would sell a drill “for special forces” to the regular public, but we suspect it’s just a marketing gimmick. It’s a nice one, to boot, since we’re definitely intrigued by this all-black drill that also works underwater up to 100m.

The Nemo SPECIAL OPS (SO24-6Li-100) is catered to professionals working in special operations and the special forces. With a depth rating of up to 100m (328ft), this drill has a salt-water resistant ALL-BLACK paint job with no logo for maximum concealment. Its 1000-watt brushless technology ensures maximum efficiency and durability. It comes with a durable carrying case, battery charger, pressure valve and pump to pressurize the drill, and two 6Ah batteries, to make sure you’re ready for jobs that require extra power and time. The Nemo SPECIAL-OPS comes with additional accessories geared towards the tasks carried out by special forces, and ranks among some of the top cordless drills on the market.

Nemo SPECIAL OPS accessories include a diving headlamp, a diving tool belt with tool bag, and a handy waterproof bag to keep your battery charger dry.

It’s not like we’re about to go don a wetsuit and drill something underwater, but it’s nice to know that if the fancy took us, we could. Well, no… we couldn’t… because the thing costs an astronomical $1,720 and is currently out of stock.

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